Benefit from a sound quality that is second to none
CD quality streaming for the 40 million titles available.
Your music, wherever you may be
Enjoy unlimited music everywhere with the Qobuz app available on tablets, smartphones and PCs.
Your taste in music is not the same as everyone else's
Interviews, videos, photos, articles, and comments... The editorial content that Qobuz creates on a daily basis is entirely exclusive.

Why is Qobuz unique?

ARCHOS has chosen Qobuz, the European high resolution music streaming and downloading service, to gift you a catalog and an audio quality that make it the favorite platform for music lovers. In addition to the 40 million titles in CD quality (FLAC 16 bits – 44.1 kHz) including 1 million in Hi Res (24 bits till 192 kHz) available to listen to and for download on demand, Qobuz produces its own editorial content, including hundreds of thousands of album reviews, introductory articles to the artist’s discographies, biographical portraits, and exclusive photographs, art, and videos. Qobuz is accessible in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom.

A musical experience without compromise

Superb applications: offline streaming, Gapless playback, choice of listening quality, Qobuz Connect...

Rich content: digital booklets, metadata, editorial content… Qobuz tells you more about the music you’re listening to

Qobuz is also an online download store for the most demanding tastes, containing the largest catalogue of 24-Bit Hi-Res albums in the world