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ARCHOS Activity Tracker - Connected for comfort

Connected for comfort

The ARCHOS Activity Tracker automatically synchronizes your Daily Activity to your mobile device wirelessly over Bluetooth® Smart technology so you can track your readings on the free ARCHOS Connected Self app for Android and iOS.

Know your daily activity

The ARCHOS Activity Tracker monitors your steps and calories burned, displaying them in an easy to understand format in the ARCHOS Connected Self app. Able to track over a year's worth of activity in one place you can follow the impact of your lifestyle on your activity.
ARCHOS Activity Tracker - Know your daily activity
ARCHOS Activity Tracker - Targets for an active lifestyle

Targets for an active lifestyle

Set targets to challenge yourself every day to do more, increasing your activity gradually for a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Facebook sharing you can even celebrate reaching that 10 000 steps a day recommendation.

Simple to set-up

Pairing your ARCHOS Activity Tracker to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet can be done in seconds over Bluetooth® Smart technology. No need to have your smartphone with you for every reading, the ARCHOS Activity Tracker can keep one weekof tracking on its onboard memory between automatic synchs.
ARCHOS Activity Tracker - Simple to set-up
ARCHOS Activity Tracker - Integrated screen

Integrated screen

Thanks to the mini screen on the ARCHOS Activity Tracker you can keep track of your current stats at the press of a button. With its extra-long battery life and easy USB charging, your Activity Tracker can keep going as long as you can.

Your health stats in one App

The ARCHOS Connected Self app also powers the ARCHOS Blood Pressure Monitor and ARCHOS Scale, together they let you track your wellbeing from one app in an instant.
ARCHOS Activity Tracker - Your health stats in one App

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