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Scopri il mondo della realtà virtuale sul tuo Smartphone

Combining with your existing Smartphone, ARCHOS VR glasses form a technology that can transport you to a deep 360° world where your can fly, visit imaginary worlds and explore the ocean floor from the comfort of your sofa.
ARCHOS VR Glasses - Scopri il mondo della realtà virtuale sul tuo Smartphone

ARCHOS VR Glasses - Compatible with most phones

Compatible with most phones

Made to work with the majority of smartphones from any brand; just slide your phone into the slot on the front of the glasses, adjust the two supports and start any of the dozens of VR applications already available in the different applications stores (Android & iOS).

Access Virtual Reality apps

Play Virtual Reality games! Your games are no longer restricted to the small screen in front of you but exist all around you in 360° and in full stereoscopic 3D. Immersive yourself with VR street-view to get a real feeling of your destination as if you were there. The ARCHOS video player lets you watch 2D movies in extra wide angles as if on a Cinema screen as well as full stereoscopic 3D movies.
ARCHOS VR Glasses - Access Virtual Reality apps

ARCHOS VR Glasses - How it works

How it works

By taking the distorted split image on your smartphone ARCHOS VR Glasses transform it into stereoscopic 3D for your eyes. Your head is tracked through the gyroscope and accelerometer to move the virtual world around you as your move your head.
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