PicoWAN Pack

PicoWAN Pack - 01

PicoWAN Pack

Create your own network with the PicoWAN pack! Consisting of a PicoGateway and a geolocation tag, it will allow you to create your LoRA network with ease.

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When You're Not at Home

The PicoGateway is also a smart plug. Switch on the heating, a lamp, or Christmas lights at chosen times from a distance with your smartphone.

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Geolocation and Tracking

The PicoWAN pack comes with a geolocation tag, so you can locate an object or a person at any given moment. For example, when attached to your dog's collar, it indicates your dog’s position in the garden and confirms it has not escaped.

PicoWAN Pack - 04

Motion Detector

Installed on a door, the PicoTag informs you, through a notification on your smartphone, if the door is opened or closed so you can know when your children are back from school or if someone enters your house unexpectedly.

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A Collaborative Network

The network infrastructure is built from ground up by the users’ community installing Pico-Gateways inside buildings. Every end user installing a Pico-Gateway will expand the network around his home and share it with other users.

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Companion App

The PicoWAN network also includes a cloud platform, analysis tools and an application, available on Google Android smartphones and tablets, or PCs, via a web app.

Tech Specs

PicoWAN network • Wireless protocol, proprietary, encrypted, bi-directional, operating at 868MHz on multiple frequency sub-channels, based on a modulation LoRa providing long range.
PicoGateway • Gateway constituting the infrastructure of PicoWAN network, providing coverage to 868MHz. 16A 230V smart plug delivering Ethernet and WiFi 2.4GHz IEEE802.11b / g / n to connect to the Internet and to the PicoWAN cloud solution.
PicoTag • Connected object, rechargeable, operating in the presence of PicoWAN network, which generates movement or location alerts through its various sensors.
PicoWAN App • The PicoWAN app allows you to:
  • Configure and register PicoWAN sensors and the PicoGateway
  • Remotely control the PicoGateway smart plug
  • Know the PicoTag's last location to track your belongings and family
  • Program a light or electrical appliance connectected to the PicoGateway, on one or several time slots
  • Define geographic rules to trigger a notification to be notified when a family member has arrived home
  • Define movement rules to trigger a notification to be notified when a drawer or door is opened
  • View notification history of PicoWAN sensors