PicoWAN Device Updater application allows you to update a PicoWAN Tag

  • Download file Signed_Setup_PicowanDeviceUpdater-1.2.exe
  • Windows smart screen may popping up. Select More info then click on Run anyway
  • Follows installation instructions. Note that installation of dock usb driver is part of the main process.
  • Launch installed executable from installed folder or from desktop shortcut if created.
  • Changelog:
    • PicoWAN Developer SDK added
    • Usb driver installation solved
    • 32-bit system compatibility solved
Mac OS:
  • Install following driver for the dock CH341SER_MAC_ZIP
  • Download file PicowanDeviceUpdater-1.2.dmg
  • Click on file to install it. It will open a window where you need to drag PicowanDeviceUpdate-1.2 file into Applications folder
  • Go to Applications folder and start application PicowanDeviceUpdate-1.2
  • Changelog :
    • PicoWAN Developer SDK added
Linux :
  • Check if CH341 dock driver is already installed. If not, install following driver: CH341SER_LINUX_ZIP
  • Download file PicowanDeviceUpdater-1.2.tar.gz
  • Uncompress file on your disk
  • Go to uncompressed folded under Bin directory. Start application by using command line :
    sh PicowanDeviceUpdater-1.2.sh
  • Changelog :
    • PicoWAN Developer SDK added