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Premium Design

With its soft-touch, easy-grip casing, the ARCHOS 80 Cobalt is stylish, thin and light. At just 11.5mm thick and weighing only 470g (1.04 pounds) it's the perfect tablet for your Android experience.
ARCHOS 80 Cobalt - Premium Design
ARCHOS 80 Cobalt - 8

8" screen

The ARCHOS 80 Cobalt features a large 8 inch screen with vivid colors and excellent viewing angles. The 1024 x 768 resolution lets you see evey detail of what's going on on your tablet, whether apps, games or video.

Powerful graphics

The ARCHOS 80 Cobalt features a powerful 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor with a Quad Core graphics processor, so it's got more than enough power to run the latest 3D games in all their glory.
ARCHOS 80 Cobalt - Powerful graphics
ARCHOS 80 Cobalt - Dual Cameras

Dual Cameras

Having both front and back cameras make the ARCHOS 80 Cobalt great for not only video calling but also for capturing those can't-be-missed moments with your tablet. The ARCHOS 80 Cobalt includes 16 GB* of internal flash memory, expandable both via the microSD slot (supporting microSD cards up to 64 GB).

Pure Android Ice Cream Sandwich with Google Play

The ARCHOS 80 Cobalt runs pure Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich' without any skins or overlays. Thanks to the preinstalled Google Play store there's plenty of content for you to get the most out of your tablet; with over 1 million apps, games and so much more. The ARCHOS 80 Cobalt also has all the Google designed Android apps; Gmail™, Chome™. Maps™, Hangouts™ and more, making Android as versatile as you need it to be.
ARCHOS 80 Cobalt - Pure Android Ice Cream Sandwich with Google Play
ARCHOS 80 Cobalt - Video HD player application

Video HD player application

Thanks to the powerful 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor in the ARCHOS 80 Cobalt it can decode full 1080p HD videos, and because it's an ARCHOS device it's got great format compatibility for your videos through the video player app.

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