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eReader and portable multimedia player

Thanks to its big 9" TFT color screen, book-size format and 10 hours of battery life4, the ARCHOS 90 eReader is not only perfect for your e-book reading but is a great entertainment companion. More compact than a laptop, but with a bigger screen than a smartphone, it’s the perfect size to carry around in your purse, briefcase or jacket pocket.
In e-reading mode, its low consumption backlit TFT screen and adjustable font sizes means that you will always have the most comfortable reading experience. And thanks to its wide formats compatibility1 you to download and read free and paid-for books from online collections and bookstores – see our e-reader section for more info.
As well as eReader features, the ARCHOS 90 eReader has great video, music and photo players, so you can enjoy your media your way. Easy to use, it has a microSD slot (accepts memory cards up to 16 GB*) to store your whole text, music and video library.

Designed for Reading

Thanks to its smooth backlit screen and adjustable font sizes the ARCHOS 90 eReader is great for book lovers. You can set bookmarks, rotate the screen as well as manage your library without having to plug into a PC.
Because getting the best content is what’s important, we made it easy with Adobe DRM1 support so that you can download and read all compatible formats for free and paid-for eBooks.
With the ARCHOS 90 eReader getting the book you want is now as simple as copying the book from your computer and pressing “start”. Your whole library fits in this compact device: thousands of eBooks in this 10 mm thin and 430 g device. It’s quick, simple and you don’t need to go out and stand in line only to have out-of stock problems at the bookstore, it’s the new “green new way” to read.

Video player

More than just an eBook reader, the ARCHOS 90 eReader’s integrated video player lets you play all your videos on the go. The large 9" screen is the perfect size for portable video, not to mention bigger, brighter and sharper than most smartphones.
Because it’s an ARCHOS product the ARCHOS 90 eReader supports a large number of video formats2 right out of the box, you won’t waste your time converting video. And with up to six hours of battery life4 for videos, you can enjoy even more videos on the go.
Copying your videos to the ARCHOS 90 eReader has never been easier, just plug it into your PC and drag and drop the video files into the “Video” folder of your device and you’re set.

Music to your ears

The ARCHOS 90 eReader is also a complete music player2, you can even play music while reading an eBook or a document. The 4 GB* internal memory capacity lets you store more than 2,000 songs and if you need even more space, you can just slide in a microSD card.

Your photos brighter than ever

Relive your favorite moments through your photos3 thanks to the ARCHOS 90 eReader’s sharp, high-resolution screen with vivid colors.

* 1GB= 1 billion bytes, actual formatted capacity is less.
1/ PDF, EPUB (Adobe DRM PDF and EPUB supported), TXT, FB2.
2/ Certain bitrates, resolutions, and/or file variations may not be compatible.
3/ Certain resolutions and file sizes may not be compatible.
4/ Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. Battery life and number of charge cycles vary by use and settings.
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