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A Smartphone Design to turn heads

Finally bringing that stylish smartphone design to your home phone, the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone is super-thin at only 9mm and ultra-light at only 90 grams.

Get in touch

Featuring a 3.5 inch simple touch, full colour screen, the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone uses a version of the easy-to-use Android Operating System used on smart phones, lightly modified to handle standard land line calls either though the handset as normal or on speakerphone thanks to the powerful back speaker.

Dual-CPU for the best experience

To give you the smoothest possible experience, your ARCHOS Smart Home Phone features two processors working hand in hand. The DSPG processor handles DECT features and protocols, whilst the OMAP3 processor takes care of Android.

Entirely Dect standard

The ARCHOS Smart Home Phone is completely DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) standardized so it is fully compatible with any standard phone-line or ADSL modem/box. It’s also able to attach to any existing DECT phones that you may already own*.
(* that use standard DECT protocols)

Separate Wireless base

Thanks to its separate wireless base the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone can sit wherever you want in your home. No need for the phone to sit next to the phone socket; just plug in the wireless base and the phone and charging cradle can be wherever you want them to be.

The right contacts

With the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone, you’ll never need to worry about running out of space for your contacts; there’s space for hundreds of them and not only name and one number, but email and multiple numbers per contact too. And managing all these contacts is easy as you can import them from your online address book.

Name Number and Photo display

Just like the best smartphones, the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone shows caller name and number, but also photo from your contact list. And so that you can know who’s calling by sound alone, you can add custom MP3 ringtones for your contacts. And as there is 8GB of internal memory, there’s plenty of space for a song for each contact.

Email and messaging

As it’s a smart-phone, the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone brings you an integrated easy to set up email client. Using your home Wi-Fi connection, you can check and write your emails, and thanks to dedicated applications you can even do instant messaging.

The web at your fingertips

Looking for the number of that restaurant or what to check online phone directories? The ARCHOS Smart Home Phone has you covered with its web browser. Flash compatible and multi-window, the information to need is just a finger press away.

Android Apps

Whether it’s to check the latest news and weather or update your social network, there are Android apps for you either in the dozens of apps that we have preinstalled for you or in the tens of thousands available to download from the Appslib app market.

Gaming between calls

Thanks to the OMAP3 processor with OpenGL 2.0 support, the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone is able to run full 3D games. Perfect to kill some time whilst waiting for that call as Android will automatically switch you to the phone when the call comes in.

Powerful multi-media

And because it’s an ARCHOS device, the ARCHOS Smart Home Phone features the tailor-made ARCHOS multimedia apps, bringing you album cover-flow, multi-media widgets and the kind of format compatibility that means that you’ll never need to convert your media again.
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