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Extra large screen

With its 13.3 inch HD screen the ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 is the perfect screen size to gather around and share as family. The 16 million color, 1280 x 800 pixel screen means that whatever you're doing, the ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 will show it off perfectly, and its extra-large battery will mean it'll show it for longer – over 10 hours of video playback.
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Extra large screen
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Dual Cameras

Dual Cameras

With a front webcam and a 2MP back camera, children can take all the snaps that they want on the ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 and modify them however they want with image altering apps available on Google Play.

Mini-HDMI port

Thanks to the HDMI port on the ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 you can get your content up on the big screen, whether it's a YouTube video, a game or content made on the tablet, anything can be mirrored to your TV screen.
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Mini-HDMI port
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Kick-stand included

Kick-stand included

The ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 comes with its own stand, so when you're not using it for apps, the web or multimedia, it can become your connected photo-frame or your family calendar (with google's cloud-based, multi-user calendar app).

Multiplayer gaming

Thanks to its super-fast Quad-core graphics processor, the ARCHOS ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 is a perfect device for playing together. Whether it's from the dozens of multiplayer games available to download or simply to play an interactive board game, the ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 can get you playing together as a family.
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Multiplayer gaming
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Organize as a family

Organize as a family

Once positioned on its stand support (included in every box) the ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 can turn into the 21st century replacement for your refrigerator calendar. Cloud based, with multiple users, combine it with Color Note Pad and leaving messages on the fridge is a thing of the past.

Pure Android Jelly Bean with Google Play

The ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 runs pure Android 4.1 ‘'Jelly Bean' without any skins or overlays. Thanks to the preinstalled Google Play store there's plenty of content for you to get the most out of your tablet; with over 1 million apps, games and so much more. The ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 also has all the Google designed Android apps; Gmail™, Chome™. Maps™, Hangouts™ and more, making Android as versatile as you need it to be.
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - Pure Android Jelly Bean with Google Play
ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 - ARCHOS Media apps

ARCHOS Media apps

The ARCHOS FamilyPad 2 also includes the best in tablet multimedia with the ARCHOS Media Center applications; tailor made apps for Video and Music that include best format and codec support around, metadata scraping, auto-subtitles and systems for streaming media from a computer to your tablet, or from your tablet to a DLNA compatible TV.

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