Blockchain is a technology of storage and transmission of information, transparent, secure, and working without any central organ of control. In other words, it is a big public, anonymous and tamper-proof ledger book. There are today nearly 2000 crypto-assets. They have the advantage of being: independent from banks and therefore monetary policies, and impossible to counterfeit or usurp.
All crypto potential investors have the same simple questions which are a roadblock to mass adoption: How do you buy crypto-assets and then how do you exchange them for other currencies or to convert them into Euros? How can you be safe and avoid cyber criminality? How do you check all transactions from a single portfolio and benefit from additional services?

The ARCHOS Safe-T Touch is a turnkey solution that makes the Blockchain accessible and secured. With its 4” IPS touch screen, the ARCHOS Safe-T Touch provides a complete ecosystem enabling a full range of services: initiate and receive transactions, check balances and currencies’ evolutions and also exchange crypto-assets.

The ARCHOS Safe-T Touch is fully secured

Designed in partnership with Prove & Run2, the device embeds a secure, transaction-specific execution area, isolated from the Google Android operating system thanks to ProvenCore, the ultra-secure Prove & Run’s TEE3 providing an unrivaled level of security. It sports a fingerprint reader to authenticate its holder. The device is never directly connected to the Internet: it only synchronizes with secured Bluetooth at the explicit request of its owner.

L'évolution permanente des technologies ne permet pas de garantir à 100% l'inviolabilité d'un produit électronique. Un portefeuille physique comme le Safe-T mini permet de stocker vos clés privées qui servent à valider vos transactions de crypto-monnaies. Ce moyen est donc beaucoup plus sécurisé que de les avoir stockées sur un ordinateur ou un smartphone, ceux-ci étant la proie des piratages les plus fréquents. Gardez votre Safe-T mini dans un endroit sûr, gardez votre recovery seed dans un endroit encore plus sûr et surtout pas avec votre Safe-T mini.