PicoWAN's aim is to be the first LP-WAN (Low Power – Wide Area Network) RF network based on LoRA™ for connected objects, which will be collaborative, global, crossboarder and available at a very low price.

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Інноваційний pico-шлюз

Ключом до цієї інновації є унікальний мережевий протокол бездротового зв'язку на основі використання Pico-шлюзів.

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LoRa™ technology

Embedding a LoRa™ IC and place inside building, picogateways can penetrate deep indoor resulting in a much higher Quality of Service.

ARCHOS is member of the LoRa™ Alliance to provide the best of breed technologies compatible to both PicoWAN and LoRaWAN™ protocols.

PicoWAN - video

PicoWAN: Henri Crohas interview

Discover the PicoWAN network presentation by Henri Crohas, founder of ARCHOS.