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HD Screen

Thin (10mm) and light (630g), the ARCHOS 101 XS2 has a 10.1 inch widescreen HD (1280 x 800 pixels) IPS Screen for excellent brightness and color fidelity as well as amazing viewing angles. Perfect for your videos, photos and applications.
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - HD Screen
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Efficient Quad-core Processor

Efficient Quad-core Processor

The ARCHOS 101 XS2 is powered by a super-fast Quad-core processor, plenty of processing power that means Android™ is smoother, your apps open faster and internet browsing is faster than ever. Thanks to this energy efficient processor the battery will last even longer.

Advanced Wireless Technology

The ARCHOS 101 XS2 includes the next generation of WiFi for mobile devices; Dual-Band Wifi (feature not present on the 101b XS2 variant) is able to use both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands making for a more stable, less congested connection for faster download and browsing speeds. The ARCHOS 101 XS2 also includes Bluetooth and GPS technology.
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Advanced Wireless Technology
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

The ARCHOS 101 XS2 runs Android 4.2 ‘Jelly Bean'. Entirely Google certified, and including the Google mobile apps suite (Gmail, Maps, YouTube..), Jelly Bean on the ARCHOS 101 XS2 is pure Android as Google intended, without any skins or overlays.

Magnetic Coverboard

The ARCHOS Coverboard protects, stands, docks and types...


Held in place magnetically the 5mm (0.2'') Coverboard protects your tablet when not in use. Thin and useful, the ARCHOS 101 XS2 together with its coverboard is only 15mm (0.59'') thick. That's thinner than most tablets on their own!
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Protects:
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Slide to open

Slide to open

Slide the Coverboard to separate from the tablet and reveal a complete QWERTY keyboard.


Just flip up the kickstand and drop in the tablet it'll connect automatically - thanks to the magnetically guided docking the connectors are always perfectly aligned. Once docked the tablet and Coverboard form a single, solid unit that you can pick up and move however you like.
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Stands:
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Docks:


When docked your tablet powers your Coverboard for hours of typing. You can also plug in your Coverboard so your tablet is charged whilst you type.


A comfortable chicklet keyboard means that you free up space on the screen to work. And you can work faster thanks to the Android shortcut keys for instant access to the main Android functions.
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Types:
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - OfficeSuite Pro 6

OfficeSuite Pro 6

A full version of OfficeSuite Pro 6, normally at $14.99, comes preinstalled on the ARCHOS 101 XS2 for free. This critically acclaimed application allows you to view, create, edit, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as open attachments and see PDF files. Unleashing the full productivity of the Coverboard.

Front Facing Stereo Speakers

The two front facing speakers on the ARCHOS 101 XS2 give an immersive stereo experience for media on your tablet.
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - Front Facing Stereo Speakers
ARCHOS 101 XS2 - ARCHOS Media apps

ARCHOS Media apps

Because the ARCHOS 101 XS2 is an ARCHOS tablet it also includes the best of multimedia with the ARCHOS Media Center applications; tailor made apps for Video and Music that include metadata scraping, auto-subtitles and of course, the best format and codec support around including 1080p video decoding.

feature not present on the 101b XS2 variant, see full specifications for more details.

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