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Extremely Portable

Though it boasts a 3.5” screen and two powerful speakers, the ARCHOS Home Connect weighs less than 250 grams so you can carry it anywhere thanks to its internal battery. And with its integrated stand it’s fine to just sit on your dresser or nightstand.

Amazing sound

The ARCHOS Home Connect includes two built in high definition speakers in specially designed cases for improved bass. You’ll never believe the amazing quality of sound is coming from such a small device.

Wake up to web radios

The ARCHOS Home Connect features the fully integrated TuneIn web radio application, bringing you over 50 000 stations and 120 000 radio shows from around the world. It’s even integrated into the Alarm Clock app, so you can wake up to the web radio you want.

Infinite Alarms

The ARCHOS Home Connect alarm clock lets you seriously personalize your alarms, whether settings specific days or times or to wake you up from a web radio, your own MP3s or any sound you want to load in. You can set hundreds of tailored alarms, all active at the same time.

Get a Head Start in the morning

The tailor made alarm clock in the ARCHOS Home Connect features on-screen weather, the minute you wake up, as well as your local traffic at the press of a button, shown on screen so you know whether you have time for that extra snooze.

For your nightstand

The Clock app on the ARCHOS Home Connect features special day and night screen presets, and even changes screen brightness automatically, based on the ambient light of your bedroom.

Complete format support

Whether it’s video or audio files, the ARCHOS Home Connect has amazing format and codec support so you’ll never need to spend time converting a file.

Stream your media over Wi-Fi

Though the ARCHOS Home Connect has 4GB of internal storage as well as support for micro SD cards (up to 16GB), it is also a full UPnP device, so you can easily stream your music and videos from your PC over your home Wi-Fi connection.

Compatible with the ARCHOS Remote

The ARCHOS Home Connect is fully compatible with the ARCHOS remote control app for Android, so you can control your Home Connect from your Android smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

Apps to make life easier

The ARCHOS Home Connect includes access to the AppsLib application market offering over 30 000 free and paid apps to download. Brief Me, for example - perfect to get your news and social network feeds whenever you need them.

Games to make life fun

Because the ARCHOS Home Connect uses a powerful processor with 3D openGL support you can even play games, whether it’s quick solitaire before bed or an Angry Birds session before leaving for work.
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