ARCHOS Connected Scale

ARCHOS Connected Scale - Connected for comfort

Connected for comfort

The ARCHOS Scale automatically synchronizes your weigh-ins to your mobile device wirelessly over Bluetooth® Smart technology so you can track your readings on the free ARCHOS Connected Self app for Android and iOS.
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Seamlessly track your weight

The Connected Self app lets you track your weight automatically and easily with graphs showing your stats for over a year. It also lets you set targets to realize your ideal weight ambitions.

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The right kind of weight loss

By adding your body measurements to the Connected Self app, it can also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your Fat Mass (lean-to-fat ratio) to help you obtain the right kind of weight loss.

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One scale for family tracking

The ARCHOS Scale automatically detects users by their weight, allowing automatic tracking of every member of the family and synchronizing the right data to the right person. Your data is securely kept on your smartphone or tablet but you can share over Facebook or email to celebrate obtaining your ideal weight.

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Simple to set-up

Pairing your scale to your android or iOS smartphone or tablet can be done in seconds over Bluetooth® Smart technology. No need to have your smartphone with you for every weigh-in, the ARCHOS Scale can keep a month's worth of weigh-ins on its onboard memory.

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Your health stats in one App

The ARCHOS Connected Self app also powers the ARCHOS Activity Tracker and ARCHOS Blood Pressure Monitor, together they let you track your wellbeing from one app in an instant.

Tech Specs

Included in box • Connected Scale, 4 batteries, documentation
Display • LCD display 70mm, white backlight
Capacity • 30 measures memory
• Automatic distinguish 4 users' info, no need to reset data, the best choice for family use
• Equipped with 4 high precision G-sensors
• Adopt latest BIA technologies, make the measurements much more accurate.
• Safety Glass Platform
• Capacity : 180kg / 397lb / 28st:5lb
• Division : 0.1kg / 0.2lb
• Unit : Kg / st / lb
• Time: UTC 0-23:59 by every 1 minute
• Data is Automatically uploaded and updated on smart phone with BT 4.0
• Bluetooth Transmission Distance 10m (in the open environment)
Application • Available on Appstore and GooglePlay
• 365 days data measurement
Wireless technologies • Bluetooth 4.0
• Bluetooth Low Energy
Power source • 4 AAA batteries
Dimensions & weight • 310x310x24,2mm
• 1,8 kg
Requirement • Android : Bluetooth 4.0, Android running 4.3 or later
• iOS : 4S iPhone / iPad 3 or later running iOS 5 or later