ARCHOS Weather Station

ARCHOS Weather Station - your_home_weather

Your home weather on your smartphone

The easy to set-up ARCHOS Weather Station with its indoor, outdoor and soil modules let you monitor your home environment from anywhere on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The three elements give you full environment data in the application with detailed graphs as well as weather forecasts for your town.

ARCHOS Weather Station - track_your_interior

Track your interior environment

Connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the ARCHOS Weather Station Indoor module provides detailed information on your home temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise level and air quality. It uploads this data to the ARCHOS cloud, making it accessible from anywhere in the ARCHOS weather application on your smartphone or tablet.

Wave for air quality

By simply passing your hand over the Indoor module it will show you the air quality in your home, detecting levels of CO2, it’ll let you know when you need to air your home.

<1000ppm : green, 1000 to 2500 ppm : yellow, >2500ppm : red
ARCHOS Weather Station - Follow your exterior environment

Follow your exterior environment

The Indoor module pairs wirelessly (range of up to 100m) with the Outdoor module and the Soil module, giving you temperature and relative humidity readings for outside (or second room) and for your plants. Letting you know what to wear when you go out and when you need to water your plants.
ARCHOS Weather Station - Follow your exterior environment
ARCHOS Weather Station - check_it_for_anywhere_en

Check it from anywhere

The ARCHOS Weather application pulls all your weather data together in one place along with weather forecasts for your town for the coming days. Your weather data is available from anywhere, downloaded from your Weather Station through the ARCHOS Cloud, it’s available for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

ARCHOS Weather Station - Analyze your environment, get notified about changes

Analyze your environment, get notified about changes

Track your home weather data in detailed graphs for each element of weather data. With specialized weather alerts you can get alerted to specific changes in your home from wherever you are.

Tech Specs

aws - Specs
  • Dimensions : 100 x 100 x 98mm
  • Weight : 185g
  • Connection : Wifi connection to your internet network
  • RF communication with others modules
  • Dimension : 74.5 x 75 x 57.3mm
  • Weight : 86g
  • Connection : Up to 100m with the indoor module
  • (RF communication)
  • Dimension : 65 x 22 x 250mm
  • Weight : 66g
  • Connection : Up to 30m with the indoor module
  • (RF communication)
  • Indoor module : Power Charger(5v 1A mini DC-in)
  • Outdoor module : 2 x AA batteries
  • Soil Sensor : 2 x CR2032 batteries
  • Indoor Module : Temperature: range -5°C~50°C (-23°F~122°F), accuracy ±0.5~1°C / ±1~2°F
  • Humidity: range -1%~99%, accuracy 3~6%
  • Atmospheric pressure: range 850~1050 hPa / 25,1~31.0 inHg / 638~788 mmHg,
  • accuracy ±10 hPa / ±0.29 inHg / ±7 mmHg
  • CO² Level: range 0~5000ppm, accuracy ± 50ppm / ± 5%
  • Noise sensor: 35~110 dB
  • Outdoor Module : Temperature, range -50°C~70°C, (-40°F~140°F), accuracy ±0.5~1°C / ±1~2°F
  • Humidity: range -1%~99%, accuracy ±3~6%
  • Soil Module : Soil Temperature, range -50°C~70°C, (-58°F~159°F), accuracy ±0.5~1°C / ±1~2°F
  • Soil Humidity: range -1%~99%, accuracy ±3~6%
  • Weather Data : Modules
  • Local
  • Data Historic : Day/Week
  • Data Stockage : ARCHOS Cloud, 3 years of data
  • Requirement : Android: version (4.0+)
  • iOS: version (6.0 - 8.4.1)
  • Store : App Store
  • Google Play