ARCHOS VR Glasses 2

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Increased Immersion

The ARCHOS VR Glasses 2 have been improved in this second version to include better lenses, as well as added stereo speakers and comfort. The full head tracking, through your smartphone’s gyroscope, increases immersion into a 360° world, opening up possibilities like diving with sharks while sitting in your sofa, visiting a museum from a plane, watching a 3D movie on your daily commute or playing dozens of VR games.

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Compatible with Most Smartphones

Designed to work with most smartphones, 4.7” to 6”, the ARCHOS VR Glasses 2 allow you to just slide your phone into the slot on the front of the glasses, shut the plastic cover, and you’ll be ready to start using any of the VR apps and games that are already available in the store (Android & iOS).

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Games and Apps Available

Games are no longer restricted to the small screen in front of you but can exist all around you in 360° and in full stereoscopic 3D. The Google Play store already has over 100 compatible VR applications (video, pictures and games), many are also in the Apple App Store and coming soon to the Windows Store, including the ARCHOS Video Player which is fully compatible with the ARCHOS VR Glasses 2.

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How it works

By taking the distorted split image on your smartphone the ARCHOS VR Glasses 2 transform and combine these into stereoscopic 3D for your eyes. Your head is tracked through the gyroscope and accelerometer to move the virtual world around you as you move your head.


Dive Wings
3D Virtual Reality FPS - Demo
Asteroid VR - Virtual Reality
Jet Sprint
VR Run!
Halls of Fear VR - Demo
Virtual Reality Space Shooter


OpenDive3D Example
Side-By-Side Video Player     
VR 3D Image Viewer
Dive Launcher
Dive Unity Demo
Google Cardboard
Archos Video Player


Tuscany Dive
Dive City Rollercoaster
Ermont 360° VR
Hang Gliding
VR Combat Flight Demo
VR MoonWalk
VR Space Walk
VR Spider
Durovis Dive Volcano VR Demo
Rajawali Virtual Reality Demo
Dive_Bungee jump, Cardboard
Cartoon Village


Smartphone Compatibility board Optimum Compatible Limited compatibility
Screen size (in inches) 5” 4.7” to 6” < 4.7” > 6”
Screen resolution Full HD (1080x1920) or higher HD (720x1280) < 480x800
CPU Quad Core 1.6 GHz or Higher If below optimum recommendation, please test with some VR apps
Motion Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope None (needed for games and 360° Spherical)
Operating System Android / iOS Windows phone** (need app availability)

Tech Specs

  • Glass material : Japanese professional optical lens
  • Glass diameter : 42mm
  • Vision angle : max 120°(related to the size of phone and the head strap tightness)
  • Optical : Aspheric surface
  • Color aberration : 0.39mm
  • Short-sighted : 0-800°
  • Far-sighted : 0-500°
  • Pupil Distance Adjust : 58-68mm
  • Earphone sensitivity : 98 dB
  • Frequency range : 20 – 20,000Hz
  • MAX power : 50mW
  • Executive Standard : GB/T 14471-2013
  • Earmuff : High fidelity audio earmuff x 1
  • Screen size : 4.7-6.2 inch (refer to the following length and width)
  • Phone size : 160*85mm / within 163*82mm
  • Suggest phone size : 5.5-6.0inch, resolution 1080p-2k
  • Body : High strength ABS+PC material
  • Head strap : TPU+ Lycra, pass test of bandage tensile strength 5KG/5second
  • Face contact : Advanced flocking, Anti allergy and breathable and anti sweat; Detachable design, easy to clean and reuse
  • Battery weight : 110g
  • 3.5 mm earphone port
  • Capacitance type input button
  • ARCHOS VR Glasses 2
  • Quick Starter Guide
  • Warranty Booklet
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth