ARCHOS Air Purifier Smart 48

Control remotely the air quality of your home

Use the free VeSync app to remotely adjust the fan speed, turn the air purifier on / off, and turn the LED display on / off. Program operating hours and timers to customize the operation of your air purifier.

3 filtration levels

Composed of the pre-filter, the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter, they capture up to 99.97% of particles: airborne allergens, dust mites, smoke, animal hair, hairs and odors are eliminated. Thanks to a smart algorithm, our air purifier can calculate the actual filter life. The remaining filter life can be checked on the VeSync app.

Automatically control the air quality

The automatic mode uses a sensor to adjust the fan speed according to the quality of the surrounding air.
You can check the ambient air quality in real time either remotely via the app or directly on the product using the display screen. A built-in sensor measures your surroundings so you can keep an eye on your air condition at all times.

Műszaki specifikációk

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 230 m3/h
Appliciable Areas ≤ 48 m²
Smart function WiFi connection
VeSync application
Noise level 23-52dB
Air Quality indicator Red: Bad
Yellow: Moderate
Green: Good
Blue: Very Good
Automatique Mode
Sleep Mode
Fan speed 3 speeds fan
Timer up to 12 Hours
3 stage filters Preliminary filter
HEPA filter
Activated carbon filter
100% ozone free  
UV light X
Check filter indicator  
Display off button  
Méretek 37,1 x 18,3 x 47 cm 
Súly 5,2 Kg
Teljesítmény 40 W