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Terms and Conditions

ARCHOS’ obligations for tangible and intangible products under this warranty are limited to the following provisions:

Archos products are guaranteed for a period defined in the table below:

Product Family Warranty Period
Tablet, MP3, MP4 2 years
IMPORTANT – Tablets purchased in Hong Kong have only 1 year warranty
Smartphone 2 years
Accessory 6 months
Reconditioned 3 months


1. ARCHOS warrants the Products (hardware part) sold against defects in materials and workmanship for a period defined above. The customer is obliged to keep the original invoice proving the date of purchase during the warranty period. A copy of this invoice will be requested to validate the warranty. Invoices from authorized resellers are the only proof of purchase accepted by ARCHOS. For example, proof of purchase such as credit card statements; Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery…etc. or PayPal,,… etc. invoices will not be accepted by ARCHOS.

2. ARCHOS does not guarantee the operation of the product in case of installation of software not conforming to the specifications of the product.

3. ARCHOS only warrants defects resulting from normal use of the product and therefore the warranty does not apply:

  • products with major cosmetic damage (e.g. dents, cracks, scratches, etc.) and/or traces of moisture/corrosion and foreign bodies (e.g. food, drinks, etc.);
  • products that have been improperly maintained or modified;
  • software, interfaces, media, parts or materials not supplied or approved by ARCHOS;
  • to products that have been used with an incorrect supply voltage;
  • any use of the product that does not comply with its specifications.

4. If, during the warranty period, ARCHOS receives notification of a hardware defect that meets the conditions covered by the ARCHOS warranty, ARCHOS will either repair the product using new or refurbished parts, or replace the defective product with a new or refurbished product with equivalent functionality. In the event that ARCHOS cannot repair or replace the defective product, ARCHOS will replace the product with a comparable product*. When a product or part is replaced by ARCHOS, ARCHOS automatically becomes the owner of the defective item and the customer becomes the owner of the replacement item. (* which will be, at a minimum, functionally equivalent to the replaced product).

5. ARCHOS shall not be obliged to replace a defective product until the customer has sent it to ARCHOS.

6. ARCHOS cannot be held responsible for the loss of data contained in the returned product. We recommend that the customer backs up their data before returning the product. The hard disk drive and mass storage systems, or any other data storage system, are systematically reformatted. (This is done even if the repair is not related to the storage systems). The returned products will not contain any personal data of the customer.

7. ARCHOS’ warranty is not transferable. ARCHOS does not guarantee purchases made by resale, exchange or auction. This clause applies to resales, exchanges or auctions carried out on Internet auction sites, where this type of transaction is carried out.

8. ARCHOS products are equipped with batteries that do not have an infinite number of charge cycles. Thus, the autonomy of a battery will gradually decrease during its life. ARCHOS does not guarantee batteries for a specific period of time, as the decrease in battery life includes variables that are not controllable by ARCHOS, such as the frequency of charge/discharge.

9. ARCHOS does not warrant damage to the LCD screen of the item sold. ARCHOS LCD displays may show pixel defects immediately or over time. An LCD display with two or more defective pixels located in the same area will be considered defective. A defective pixel being a permanently black or permanently white pixel. It is up to ARCHOS to define the zone according to your hardware.


To the extent permitted by the local law of the customer’s place of residence, neither ARCHOS nor its third party suppliers make any other warranties or conditions, express or implied, with respect to ARCHOS products. Specifically excluded are the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality for the customer and fitness for a particular purpose.


To the extent permitted by the local law of the client’s place of residence:

  • the remedies specified in this Warranty Statement are the sole and exclusive remedies of the customer,
  • In no event shall ARCHOS or its third party suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, whether in contract or tort, or based on any other body of law, and whether or not such companies have been advised of the possibility of such damages, except as specifically set forth in this Warranty Statement.


1. Return within the one-year warranty period.

  • ARCHOS reserves the right to ensure that the defective functioning of the returned item is not due to abnormal use or mishandling of the product by the user.
  • A RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) IS REQUIRED FOR ALL RETURNS. You can call our technical support to obtain an RMA authorization or go to our website, section ” FAQ & Support ” to fill in the repair request form, our services will validate or not the return. ARCHOS will use its best efforts to fulfill your repair request within 10 business days of receiving the product in the ARCHOS workshop. ARCHOS’ obligation to repair the ARCHOS Warranty as defined above shall lapse upon expiration of the warranty period or as a result of the warranty limitations set forth above. Nevertheless ARCHOS reserves the right to propose attractive commercial offers conditional on the return of the defective product which will become the property of ARCHOS after acceptance of the commercial offer by the end customer. This commercial offer can only be used on the ARCHOS online sales website

2. Shipping costs: The cost of shipping the product to ARCHOS is the responsibility of the customer. ARCHOS shall not be liable for any import fees, customs duties, or optional additional insurance.

3. ARCHOS reserves the right to refuse any package with packaging defects upon receipt. Improper packaging may cause damage to the product for which ARCHOS cannot be held responsible.

4. All returned products must have the return number clearly visible and legible on the outer packaging of the product. Any item returned without an RMA number cannot be accepted by the repair department.

5. If you receive a damaged product, please report it immediately to the carrier (Post Office, Chronopost, UPS or FedEx agent).