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Pure power, sublime look

The ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G houses powerful 4G connectivity in a unique, nature-inspired design.
ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - Pure power, sublime look

ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - 4G LTE capable

4G LTE capable

The ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G is completely 4G/LTE capable* (cat 4, 150 Mbps), with this super-fast connection speed discover new ways to use your smartphone: Ultra-fast internet browsing, Full HD video streaming, Online Gaming, instant access cloud storage and much, much more.

HD Screen: Perfect viewing on the Go

The amazing HD (1280 x 720) display resolution on the 5 inch screen of the ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G delivers the same number of pixels as your HD TV, providing extra sharp text and an unbelievable crispness to pictures and videos. IPS screen technology brings bright and true vivid colors, extra wide viewing angles to redefine your smartphone experience.
ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - HD Screen: Perfect viewing on the Go
ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - Snapdragon Processor technology

Snapdragon Processor technology

Powered by a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, the ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G combines better performace with advanced features and even better battery efficiency. ARM Cortex A53 technology make it 25% faster than the previous generation of processors giving you the power you need for your apps games and web browsing.

Dual Cameras

Capture amazing 13 megapixel pictures or spectacular HD videos with the back camera on the ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G. With the ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G's front camera and video chat apps like Google Hangouts you can stay in easy video contact with your friends and family.
ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - Dual Cameras
ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - Dual-Sim support

Dual-Sim support

The flexibility of Dual-Sim card support in the ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G lets you manage two provider networks simultaneously, bringing your two mobile subscriptions together for work and personal lines on the same phone.

Even easier with Android 5.1 Lollipop

Get the most out of the ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G thanks to Android 5.1 Lollipop and the over 1 million apps, games and more available on Google Play. Experience the pure material design of Android Lollipop with easier quick settings and the battery saver function to prolong your smartphone’s battery life when you need it most.
ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - Even easier with Android 5.1 Lollipop

ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G - ARCHOS Media apps

ARCHOS Media apps

The ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G also includes the best in smartphone multimedia with the ARCHOS Media Center applications; tailor made apps for Video and Music that include best format and codec support around, metadata scraping, auto-subtitles and systems for streaming media from a tablet or computer to your smartphone, or from your smartphone to a DLNA compatible TV.

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