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4,5 inch screen

The ARCHOS 45 Titanium features a big 4,5 inch screen, ideal for emails, web or your photos or videos.
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - 4,5 inch screen
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - Excellent viewing angles

Excellent viewing angles

The high quality screen featured on the ARCHOS 45 Titanium brings excellent viewing angles with amazing brightness and colours.

Powerful Dual-core processor

Fast, the ARCHOS 45 Titanium combines a Dual-Core processor with 512MB of RAM – bringing the speed and power you'll need for your apps, games and web browsing.
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - Powerful Dual-core processor
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - 5 MP camera

5 MP camera

Capture what's important to you thanks to the 5 MP camera on the ARCHOS 45 Titanium. Whether stills or video, when combined with the power of the Camera app and its panorama shoot and editing tools, the ARCHOS 45 Titanium will sublime your photos.

Longer battery-life

Thanks to the extra-efficient processor in the ARCHOS 45 Titanium, the removable battery can take you further than just a day of use with even faster charging via microUSB.
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - Longer battery-life
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - Dual-Sim support

Dual-Sim support

The flexibility of Dual-Sim card support in the ARCHOS 45 Titanium lets you manage two provider networks simultaneously, bringing your two mobile subscriptions together for work and personal lines on the same phone.

Pure Android with Google Play

The ARCHOS 45 Titanium runs pure Android 4.2.2 'Jelly Bean' without any skins or overlays. Thanks to the preinstalled Google Play store there's plenty of content for you to get the most out of your smartphone; with over 1 million apps, games and so much more. The ARCHOS 45 Titanium also has all the Google designed Android apps; Gmail™, Chome™. Maps™, Hangouts™ and more, making Android as versatile as you need it to be.
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - Pure Android with Google Play
ARCHOS 45 Titanium - ARCHOS Media apps

ARCHOS Media apps

The ARCHOS 45 Titanium also includes the best in smartphone multimedia with the ARCHOS Media Center applications; tailor made apps for Video and Music that include best format and codec support around, metadata scraping, auto-subtitles and systems for streaming media from a tablet or computer to your smartphone, or from your smartphone to a DLNA compatible TV.

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