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Learn more from the ARCHOS enthusiast communities

Archos Fans
(English language community site)
The biggest English-speaking Archos forum. Check out the forum, the wikis, or go to the home page.

(English and French language community site)
Stay informed on latest ARCHOS Android tablet news, product reviews and videos.
Get the tips and tools to enhance your tablet experience, discuss on the forum.

Archos Lounge
(French language community site)
Actualités, analyses, tests produits et accessoires, forum d'utilisateurs dans une ambiance lounge !

(French language community site)
JBMM le site de tous les Archos (du Jukebox 6000 aux futurs Archos), fait par des fans pour les fans.

Ångström Developer Group
(English language community site)
A group of software developers dedicated to exploiting Linux on portable devices such as the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet.

Open AOS developer group
(English language community site)
This is a place for the community interested in reprogramming their Archos devices to do more than just play media content.