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What is Ossia’s Cota wireless charging technology?

This technology works in a very similar way to WiFi. The difference is that we do not send data but electricity. The Cota power receiver, built into any device, initiates the “conversation” by sending a beacon signal to find a Cota power transmitter. The transmitter then sends the power back to the device.


Wireless charging

This “conversation” between the device and the transmitter occurs 100x/second, to send energy safely even when the object to be charged is moving. All Cota compatible devices will be powered simultaneously. This technology is ideal for wireless charging of connected objects.

The World’s First Real Wireless Power™ Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are easy to install, but batteries are expensive, inconvenient, and notoriously die at the worst time. The ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security Camera changes all that. 


Wireless charging without user intervention, without battery or cable.


Can load several cameras at the same time.

camera sans fond ces


Works continuously without having to worry about the battery level.


Can be placed in hard-to-reach places to avoid degradation.

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The ARCHOS Cota Wireless Power Security Camera system will be available in two bundles:

For commercial spaces 600-800 sq. ft:
Includes 1 Cota Transmitter with 3 cameras

For commercial spaces 800-1200 sq. ft:
Includes 2 Cota Transmitters with 6 cameras

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