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  30 Jul.   ARCHOS Safe-T mini: now available through 15 distribution partners worldwide
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  09 Jul.   ARCHOS partners with INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH to promote its ARCHOS Safe-T mini towards crypto-enthusiasts while taking part in the development of medicinal research through the blockchain
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  05 Jul.   ARCHOS partners with ioeX for extended peer-to-peer services in data privacy management and ecosystems
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  26 Jun.
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  ARCHOS Safe-T mini: now on pre-order at €49.99 available for WW shipment starting July 17th 2018
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  25 Jun.   ARCHOS Hello Connect: one single app to voice-control the entire smart home
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  19 Jun.   Privacy & Security by Design, ARCHOS partners with Liberty
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  07 Jun.   ARCHOS unveils its Mate family of AI-enabled devices supporting Alexa, Amazon’s voice service
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  31 May   ARCHOS & Qobuz 3 months of free access to the Qobuz Premium on-demand music streaming service for all ARCHOS clients
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  24 Apr.   ARCHOS Junior: a range made for children starting at €79.99
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  03 Apr.   The ARCHOS Citee is hitting the shelves from today starting at 329.99 €
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  03 Apr.   ARCHOS Saphir 50X the latest outdoor smartphone from ARCHOS
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  20 Mar.   ARCHOS partners with the EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK first pan-European organization created to facilitate investment and taxation of cryptocurrencies
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  27 Feb.   ARCHOS Core S smartphones: the new series is available for purchase from March 1st for a price starting at 75€ all taxes included
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  23 Feb.   ARCHOS announces the launch of the PicoWAN network and the deployment of 20,000 gateways at a retail price of 20€ VAT included starting March 1st, 2018
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  22 Feb.   ARCHOS launches ARCHOS Hello, the daily companion
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  21 Feb.   ARCHOS Safe-T mini: First ARCHOS R&D team crypto currencies hardware wallet
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  20 Feb.   ARCHOS launches the first Google Android scooter, the ARCHOS Citee Connect, designed and assembled in France
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  15 Feb.   ARCHOS unveils Vision 215, a versatile all-in-one PC to share within the family
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  07 Feb.   ARCHOS democratizes the borderless screen with 3 new smartphones, 5.5, 5.7 and 6 inches, in compact form factors, starting at 89.99 €
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