A consumer electronics manufacturer with 25 years of experience and a pioneer in the Android OS space with the first ever Android Tablets, ARCHOS has now combined its technical know-how with creativity to provide a complete range of innovative smartphones and tablets.

The French brand has repeatedly revolutionized the market for consumer electronics since 1988. All ARCHOS’ Android smartphones and tablets are Google certified. ARCHOS has also developed a branch of Connected Objects with the Smart Home Eco-System. ARCHOS’ Smart Home solution is focused around an Android tablet as the center of the eco-system.

In 2016, ARCHOS plans to establish itself as a major European network provider for connected objects through its subsidiary PicoWAN. The PicoWAN is a long range, low consumption, collaborative and global network.

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ARCHOS ha uffici in Francia (sede centrale), Germania, Gran Bretagna, Cina e USA.

I prodotti Archos sono venduti presso i principali outlet di distribuzione a livello mondiale, tra cui: Amazon, gruppo Auchan, gruppo Asda, Best Buy, Darty, gruppo DSGI, Fnac, gruppo Media-Saturn, Micro P, Asbis, Sears, RadioShack, Star Computer...

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