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  09 Oct.   ARCHOS and Sikur Celebrate Your Privacy with GranitePhone

  06 Oct.   PicoWAN, a network operator, majority-owned subsidiary of ARCHOS, announces the launch of its collaborative network based on LoRA in the Internet of Things.

  01 Sep.   ARCHOS Diamond Plus: Brilliance on a Bigger Screen
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  27 Aug.   World-class 4G/LTE Connectivity in a Tablet: The ARCHOS Diamond Tab
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  26 Aug.   ARCHOS Flip : il se plie selon les envies

  25 Aug.   ARCHOS Diamond S: Smartphone Brilliance
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  25 Aug.   ARCHOS: Android or Windows, Choose Your Smartphone Adventure
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  02 Jul.   ARCHOS Unveils 50d Helium, Pure Design and Power.

  25 Jun.   ARCHOS Unveils PC Stick: the Ultimate Portable Computer.

  09 Jun.   ARCHOS Helium Plus: 4G and HD for all.

  05 May   ARCHOS Fusion Storage Now Available

  09 Mar.   ARCHOS keeps strengthening its presence in Africa
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  02 Mar.   ARCHOS Invents “Fusion Storage” and Announces First Ever 256 GB Android Tablet.

  27 Feb.   ARCHOS Unveils 50 Oxygen Plus during Mobile World Congress 2015.

  26 Feb.   ARCHOS Expands Selection of Smartphones During Mobile World Congress.

  23 Feb.   ARCHOS Joins “Grand Digital for Schools Project” in France

  08 Jan.   CES 2015 : Docapost et Archos sallient pour démultiplier les usages autour des objets connectés

  06 Jan.   ARCHOS and FRESHUB launch the worlds first connected kitchen e-grocery shopping tool
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  02 Jan.   CES 2015 ARCHOS strengthens its 4G range!
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