Your Personal Assistant, the ARCHOS Hello

Thanks to the integrated assistant, the ARCHOS Hello simplifies your life. It will answer all your questions and will display your requests. Intelligent, elegant, and with a stylish design, ARCHOS Hello offers a touch screen display (available in 5", 7” or 10.1”), allowing you to use the the assistant from anywhere around the house thanks to the integrated speakers.
Personal Assistant

What's the weather like this afternoon in Paris?

Don't forget your sunglasses, it's sunny and 28°C.


Mom went to the dentist yesterday, I'd like to see her face! Video call mom.

Calling Mom.

Connected Home

It's too hot. Turn the heat down to 18°C in the bedroom.

Alright, turning down the heat in the bedroom.


Play the movie Sintel on the TV.

Turning on the TV and playing Sintel.

Stay connected wherever you are

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, try a video call instead of just a voice call to stay in contact with the people you miss. Thanks to its embedded HD screen and front camera, no need to be close to see your friends, just ask ARCHOS Hello.

Your assistant, at the heart of your home

Adjust the temperature in the bedroom or turn on the lights in the living room: with a simple voice command your ARCHOS Hello assistant will take care of the rest. Turn on or off all connected devices in your home thanks to compatible devices.

Connected Entertainment

Turn on the radio, shuffle your favorite music, start a new series on your TV, without having to move a finger. A word is all you need to say.

Privacy is key

If walls have ears, it's not the case of your ARCHOS Hello. You can turn off the mic by asking or through the physical button. You can hide the camera thanks to the integrated cover if you want added privacy. Let ARCHOS Hello hear and see only what you want it to.
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